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I disprove, ergo sum

The role of contemporary Romani art has an important impact on the Romani culture. Through a blend of the traditional and the futuristic, it...

Reflections on the history of the Romani women’s movement

The book titled The Romani Women's Movement, Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe, published last year by Routledge and edited by Angéla...


Jekhethanipe e r(r)omnjango – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Although the process of Roma mobilization can be traced back to the 19th century, it was only after the overthrow of the Nazi regime...

Stone by stone – memory

Some stories we remember because they evoke nice memories, while others we often avoid because of the pain that accompanies them. Lea Deutsch’s story...



Representatives of the victims: “It is necessary to change the permanent exhibition of the Jasenovac Memorial Site Public Institution and to continue with the boycott”

A meeting was held in Jasenovac Memorial Site Public Institution on 31 st January with the representatives of IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance). The meeting was attended by...

Operational programs for national minorities – central topic of the 75th session of the Council for National Minorities

75th Session of the Council for National Minorities was held in the Government of the Republic of Croatia on October 5th, Session marked by...


The world of art is a reflection of society

Sinti and Roma, just like artists, often find themselves on the fringes of society. Somewhat similar to wild plants, one of the themes that...



Fanfare Ciocărlia: We have made our dreams come true!

After seven long years Fanfare Ciocărlia, a Rromani brass band, returns to Zagreb, preparing a spectacle at Vintage Industrial Bar on June 11th. By...



Freedom of speech and its limits

Freedom of speech is the principle that encourages the freedom of any individual or group to express their opinions without censorship or legal punishment...

Minority (media) ghetto