Media wheel: Rroma Union of Slovenia – Bringing the Rromani world closer to a wider audience

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    Rroma Union of Slovenia is the publisher of the “Romano Them – Rromani World” magazine, the second-oldest Rromani magazine in Slovenia.

    The magazine is bilingual and contains reports and current events from the life of the Rroma in Slovenia, surrounding countries and from around the world. Newsroom consists of Jožek Horvat Muc, Editor-in-chief, Monika Sandreli, editor and journalists Janja Roscher, Slobodan Nezirović, Fatmir Bećiri, Rahela Hojnik Kolenc and Aleš Horvat, and two correspondents, Slavko Baranja Lujzi from New York, and Dragoljub Acković from Belgrade.

    The purpose of launching the “Romano Them – Rromani World” was multifaceted.

    We wanted to contribute to preserve the cultural identity of the Rroma and the development of cultural and artistic creativity in Slovenia and other countries where Rroma live. We wanted to preserve and distinguish Rromani language as part of the linguistic richness. Furthermore, to encourage media literacy among the Rroma community, to familiarize the majority community with the events within the Rroma community and to contribute to the better integration of the Rroma into society, Jožek Horvat Muc, editor-in-chief said and then added: In order to enrich the content, we included activists, NGOs, journalists, correspondents and other external associates in the preparation of the material, and we plan to further enhance it by publishing professional articles, preparing customized reports for children and reports on Rromani literary work.

    The distribution of the magazine includes a very wide audience of readers, from state institutions, institutions of local government, associations, libraries and schools in Slovenia to international institutions and Rromani organizations throughout Europe.


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