A new place of gathering: Central Rromani Library in Croatia

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    Foto: Mladen Grubišić

    At the end of last year, initiated by Veljko Kajtazi, MP, the foundation of the Central Rromani Library in the Republic of Croatia was launched at the premises of the Croatian Rromani Union “KALI SARA” in Zagreb. The work of this Library is of great importance for the preservation and promotion of Rromani identity, language and culture. This will be the eleventh minority library in the Republic of Croatia and among the first such libraries in the world.

    Foto: www.kalisara.hr

    Library space provokes admiration, richly equipped and decorated, meeting the highest standards set for a library. The interior is dominated by high ceilings, oriental carpets, shelves made of dark woods and luxurious chairs, transforming the former dance studio into a quiet place for reading and learning. In order to make the library material available and visible, Network Information System ZAKI, developed by Zagreb City Libraries was installed, connecting the minority library to a wide network of other public libraries and their users.

    In spite of the fact that more than 1,600 items of library material and over 40 different magazines form a part of the library collection, the work is not even close to being concluded. There is an intense effort to collect books with a help of numerous institutions and individuals with their contributions. We hope that all those who might further contribute to enhance our collection of material related to the Rromani population, but also issues related to national minorities, migrations, human rights and so on, would answer our appeal! – said Dora Pervan for Phralipen.hr, librarian at the Central Library of the Roma in the Republic of Croatia.


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