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    Five brothers – David, Ryan, Romeo, Shane and Mike, who have been performing together since 2014 as a BroCode, sang for the first time in front of the Zagreb audience and thrilled everyone present.

    This evening was special for us. We visited Zagreb for the first time, sang in front of the beautiful and packed Croatian National Theater and for the first time performed Rromani traditional songs in public, something that we sang in the family environment only until now. We also did not know that the concert would be attended by the President of the Republic of Croatia, which was a great honor to everyone who came to this celebration of the International Rromani Day, and so it was to us as well – the eldest brother David described his impressions. 

    After this performance, they concluded that they would certainly enhance their repertoire with performances of traditional Rromani songs in a fashionable way, largely due to the positive reactions of the concert audience.

    They have been professionally engaged in singing since 2014 when they signed up for the Got Talent Germany where they also live. They performed world and German hits in their own musical arrangements, and their work was much praised by the judges and the audience. Dieter Bohlen, one of the judges and a renowned German musician who achieved fame as a member of a German pop duo Modern Talking in the 1980s, praised their performance.

    I have never heard of a band singing as good as you do. It’s almost incredible that you are brothers and you all have excellent hearing and voice. Make sure you keep working.

    Over the next three years, after the Got Talent Germany, they have been almost always on tour in Europe and have made their living from music. This period has been marked by their performance at Lanxess Arena Cologne in Germany in front of 20,000 people, as well as the award of the prestigious Echo Music Prize.

    The successes came as a result of work and love for the music they have been bearing within themselves ever since childhood.

    We grew up in a big family and beside the five of us, we have two brothers and four sisters. Our family in Germany is numerous, but we have relatives all over the world – in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Sweden. Singing and playing has always been part of family gatherings – Romeo said, and Shane added that it was a family event that marked the beginning of their music career:We decided to sing a birthday song to our nephew. The five of us gathered and tried to sing it a capella. Even after ten seconds, we realized that it sounded very good, so the next day and the whole week we were preparing more songs to perform in front of an unknown audience.

    Today they collaborate with great music names, for example with Jan van der Toorn who as a co-writer and co-producer collaborated with music stars like Brian Adams, Simple Minds, The Backstreet Boys and others. In addition to their arrangements of famous hits, BroCode started producing their original songs, and their latest hits like Kopf unter Wasser and Schick mir nen Engel were produced by Jan Van Der Toorn.

    The guys point out the concert as one of the most beautiful in their career and would like to play in front of even larger audience. If judging by the reaction of the audience after their performance in the Croatian National Theatre, there would certainly be interest in their performance.


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