Nicole Taubinger – New splendour of castaway polymer objects

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    Foto: Kamil Till

    Artist Nicole Taubinger was born in Munich in 1972 in a family where Rromani-Czech roots came from her mother, while the Slovak-Hungarian roots came from her father. From early childhood she showed a tendency towards precise technical work. She was especially encouraged by her father, an electrical engineer, who, as she says, was able to fix almost everything with his hands. After graduating from high school she entered the University of Oregon in the United States enrolling the anthropology study. During her studies she attended goldsmithing classes and then took Jewellery & Metalsmithing as her major study.

    To create her jewellery Nicole Taubinger uses materials and objects of everyday use, those around us and so close to us that we do not perceive them anymore. Most often it is about things and materials from scrapyards, containers or recycling plants. Putting them into a new context the artist makes them visible again.

    “I also want to point out the multiple paradoxes of our times. Our universe is overwhelmed with garbage, so I find inspiration in considering the renewed purpose of objects of plastic materials mostly. It allows me to become aware of the senselessness of consumer-oriented social behaviour by making jewellery, which is my way of communication,” says Nicole describing her source of inspiration and the purpose of her artistic work.

    She often uses humour to alleviate her critical attitudes comparing for example seeds and fruits once used by aborigines to make jewellery to plastic that is the seed and the fruit of man in today’s society.

    Nicole exhibited her jewellery in numerous galleries around the world, and has her own showroom in her house. Yet she prefers her jewellery to be worn by brave, self-conscious women who, like a moving, living exhibition, convey the message of these art objects to a higher level.


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