International Symposium „Romani language and culture in exile in the late 20th century“

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    This year’s International Romani Language Day has been marked by a series of events at different locations. After the central celebration at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the final one in the Museum of Contemporary Art, International Symposium on Romani language and culture in exile was held, focusing on the position of the Roma from Kosovo living in the Republic of Croatia.

    The Symposium was held after the central event at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts at Hotel “I” on 3 – 4 November, followed by discussions and final conclusions. The Symposium was attended by lecturers Dejan Kajtaz and journalist and activist Đavit Beriša from Germany, Brahim Musić, President of the Ternikano Berno Association from France, journalist Daut Qualangji from Kosovo, Dragoljub Backović on behalf of the Office for Human and Minority Rights and journalist Una Beriša from Serbia, and Normunds Rudevičs and Stanisław Stankiewicz on behalf of the International Romani Union. The Symposium was attended by representatives of embassies and international organizations.

    A large number of Roma from the area of Kosovo have immigrated to western and eastern European countries due to the conflict. Many of them still do not have their status of residence and property solved. Finally certain conclusions and ideas were adopted which would serve as guidelines for the future actions. Ahead of a Symposium, President of the Croatian Romani Union in the Republic of Croatia “KALI SARA”, Suzana Krčmar and Veljko Kajtazi, MP donated laptops to Martina Oršuš, Medical High School student and Enis Horvat, a student at the University of Applied Health Sciences for outstanding success in schooling.


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